Our Mission 我们的使命
Our Mission 我们的使命

Our mission is to “Help Save Lives and to promote public awareness of Congenital Heart Disease.We raise funds for children suffering from Congenital Heart Disease to help them live a healthy life and have a brighter future!


Our Story 我们的故事

In 2002,The Charity Carnival, a group of expatriate ladies. banded together to host and organize a small charity bazaar to help raise funds for sick children who needed heart surgery. The bazaar brought together many people with a day of celebration of love and sharing with those in need. The bazaar also helped raise funds and promote social awareness in the local community.


Since our inception in 2002, attendance at the bazaar has climbed steadily and every year we set a new goal to raise more funds to finance life saving medical operations for children suffering from Congenital Heart Disease.


In 2012, we continue our commitment with the community through our vision “The GIFT OF NORMAL LIFE” under the new name of the group “BEACON OF LOVE”.

2012年,我们仍然坚持着自己的承诺,在新名字“乐贤荟”的引领下,实现一个理念 -“赐予健康的生活”。

BEACON OF LOVE presents a fun-filled charity carnival that will help your business receive exposure in the Shanghai Expat and Chinese Community, and at the same time, allows you to take part in helping children in your local community.

“乐贤荟”每年呈现的是一个充满欢乐的慈善活动。 通过这样的活动, 企业在帮助先天性心脏病儿童的同时,其形象在外国和中国社区中的知名度也得以提升。

In 2012, we aspire to “Bring the Beneficiary Children Closer to YOU”. Our dedication and devotion for what we do for the children we help is our way of giving back to the community we live in. This year, we like to invite and help you or your company to get to know the child or children you wish to support through:

“拉近跟儿童病患的距离”是我们今年的愿望, 我们通过帮助这些患病儿童去回馈社会,同时也让企业进一步了解这些病患。

• Our “BEACON OF LOVE” Child Sponsorship Programs.
• “乐贤荟”儿童赞助计划

As “ BEACON OF LOVE” Child Sponsors, we help you

• Promote your child sponsorship with Your Name or Your Company Logo in our websites.
• Special mention of your Name or Company Logo together on stage and on marketing collaterals on the day of event.
• Invitation to the Luncheon after the event to meet with the beneficiary children of the year.
• Beacon of Love acknowledges your sponsorship in our event program booklet with your company name and logo together with the picture of the beneficiary child.

• 将您的善举联同您的名字或者公司商标展示在我们的网站上。
• 在活动当日的演出和宣传材料上, 将特别标识您的大名或者公司商标。
• 获邀参加活动后的午餐会,与本年度受助儿童见面。
• 为了表示感谢,在我们活动手册会有一页有关您赞助的儿童的照片和您姓名或公司的标志。

To date, Beacon Of Love has helped 221 Chinese children and raised nearly RMB 10 Million. Your support makes the world of difference in saving lives of children!
All funds raised will go towards the Shanghai Children’s Health Foundation, a non-profit organization.


Our Charity Partner 我们的合作伙伴

Shanghai Children’s Health Foundation


Child health care is important and is directly related to the happiness of thousands of families, the well being of our descendants and the future of our country.


Shanghai Children’s Health Foundation is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) dedicated to promote the community’s interest and to provide support to child health programs. Through collaboration with the related authorities, Shanghai Children’s Health Foundation has made its own contribution to raise the health care standard for children.

上海市儿童健康基金会是一个非政府的公益组织(NGO), 主旨是提高社会对儿童健康的共同意识,并提供儿童健康方案上的支持。通过与相关部门的合作,上海市儿童健康基金在提高儿童健康保健上做出了重大的贡献。