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Formerly The Charity Carnival, BEACON OF LOVE is an organization dedicated to create public awareness on the plight of children suffering from congenital heart disease in China. Since 2002, by hosting our annual Charity event and in partnership with the Shanghai Children’s Health Foundation, we have financed the surgeries of 259 life-saving operations. “The Gift of a NORMAL Life “ continues to be our vision as we strive to raise funds to support the heart operations of needy children across China.


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  • CARE means to APPRECIATE the environment we live in, to get INVOLVED with the community and to express our CONCERN/LOVE through SHARING/VOLUNTEERING our time and resources.
  • 关爱,告诉我们不仅要感激自己所处的环境,更要加入到社会当中,通过分享和奉献我们的时间和资源来表达我们的爱心。