Every child deserves to be happy …

Shi Yu Feng, 施宇峰, Boy, 1995 , is an inspiration…

At 2 years old, his parents, after finding out that he was born with the disease, divorced and left the family. Shi Yu Feng have his grandparent’s to take care of him all these years.

One day, at 13 years old, Shi Yu Feng asked his uncle, why can’t he be just like any other healthy children who can go to school. His uncle then looked for financial assistance and found Shanghai Children’s Health Foundation. A year later after operation, we visited Shi Yu Feng at the Elementary School he joined after recovery, he was at Grade 3 then at age 14.

Last November 6 2011, Shi Yu Feng, at 17 years old and accompanied by his school teachers, came to our 10th annual event. His parents are still nowhere to be found until today, yet, he was thankful! He walked through the carnival event and saw for himself how the community helped him.

His dream is to be a taxi driver. He has ambition to study hard, so that one day he can show his gratitude to his grandparents, and to the community that had given him a second chance.

In 2012, WE continue on with a new aspiration to bring the beneficiary child closer to YOU… through BEACON OF LOVE CHILD SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM.

With your support, WE believe BEACON OF LOVE can reach to more kids and their families so that their lives will have a renewed hope!