Child and Sponsor Program
Every child deserves to be happy …

A Mother’s Love

Yuan Wen Jie, boy, 2 years old, at the Shanghai Children’s Hospital. Picture After Operation, June 12, 2012. Waking up and feeling unsecured after the operation, Yuan Wen Jie was crying out loud looking for his mother. Receiving a feeling of assurance not to cry anymore, he calmed down knowing his mother was beside him.

A Mother’s Love, A Loving Family

Wang Jia Qi, boy, 5 months old, at the Shanghai Children’s Hospital. His mother stood up for him, borrowed money from family and friends, and brought him to Shanghai from Jiangxi Province on a train. Pictures Before Operation, March 30, 2012, and, After Operation, April 16, 2012.

Just as each healthy child has the potential to become special, so does also every beneficiary child.

Our Gift is a NORMAL LIFE for every beneficiary child and their family! This is an inspiration… a VISION.